Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I made vathal kozhambu today!

Vathal Kozhambu 001_web
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i made vathal kozhambu today... for those of you waiting for my recipie here it is ;) ...

1) take 2.5 cups of water and add 1 table spoon of tamarind paste and mix it well..

2) take 1 spoon of mustard seeds, half spoon of methi seeds, chilli, some pea nuts or channa dal (optional) and small onions in a pan and fry it...

once fried, mix both (1),(2),salt and boil it... the more it boils the better it is so keep the stove in low flame..

as simple as that can be!

come back for pottato curry tomm!

*vathal kozhambu left overs on the photo


J0hn-Galt said...

Did it taste good? I remember the paati next door who would make the most deliciously smelling 'vatha kozhambu'... I've never tasted it even once...but that's one divine smell I'll never forget!

Aparna said...


Nice recipie for vatha kuzhambu.

Try this 2 mins chocolate!

1. 1 cup drinking chocolate(I used our very own yummy Cadburry's drinking chocolate)
2. 1 cup icing sugar
3. 1/2 cup fresh white butter(unsalted)

mix dry ingredients 1 & 2 in a bowl.
melt 3 on stove till it boils with bubbles and pour into the dry mix.
mix well and knead id needed.
Incase u feel its not thich like a dough then add a little more drinking choc and a lil icing sugar and if u think its a little hard then add some more melted butter ( simple :)) .

Add roasted nuts and seedless raisins for fruits and nuts to make it chrunchy and munchy. A tip : Slighly dry roast only the nuts on a pan for a min(if already roasted) or a little longer(if unroasted) till its golden brown( u can feel the aroma as u roast it) and turn off the stove, cool for 2-5 mins and then mix it with the chocolate to give the nuts a fresh roasted crunchier taste.

Now roll the dough on a plate and cut into pieces or mould into any shape u like (its easy to make small laddo shaped ones).

After all u have to view the the world as a huge chocolate cake. Its never complete without fruits and nuts. Fruits like me :) and nuts like u ;).

Ur yummy, mouth watering, smoothe hot homemade delicious chocolate is ready! :D

CAUTION & STATUARY WARNING: Donot refrigerate and Never put the chocolate or mix it on stove. If u do then ur at ur own risk of eating horrible chocolate.