Tuesday, April 19, 2005

masala is mixed well!

I saw chandramukhi couple of days before! I didnt have the same feeling that I had after returning from Baba or Padayappa either. To me "kantham" of Rajinikanth is gone and only Rajini is there. Still not bad, thalaivar has done a pretty good job and I felt that the masala is mixed well. Its definitely worth seeing once, so if you haven't you better do.


Poornima said...

Try watching teh original in Malayalam- its even better- coz you wont undersatnd a word of the language! :p

Venkk Suryanarayanan said...

i am not quite sure of what original you are talkin about.. there is nothing original without our thalaivar... ;)

Aparna said...

ur tastes have gone for a toss!!